Should a renter be getting home insurance?

Of course you should! Accidents happen, and as the occupier, even a renter, could become legally liable to a third party when an accident occurs. Even your belongings or those provided by the landlord might be accidentally damaged, so why not have the peace of mind you deserve by having the home insurance to have you all covered.
OneDegree Home Insurance covers all sorts of residential properties, even village houses and detached houses. Monthly premium starting from less than HK$100. Apply online and get instantaneous coverage anytime. All claims are also made online without the need of any physical documents submission, truly an easy and low carbon footprint solution.
There are three special add-on protections available including: home appliance maintenance and repair, pets owner’s third party liability and pandemic and hospitalization expenses protection.
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OneDegree's features​

Best Home Appliances Warranty in town covering 14 major appliances

After your home appliance warranty expires, it will be up to you to bear the cost of dealing with any faults. OneDegree understands how costly a repair or replacement can be, so they are offering the best Home Appliances Warranty in town covering repair costs of 14 major appliances including vacuum cleaners, air purifiers and water filtration systems!

Pets Owner Third-party Liabilities Protection

OneDegree always look out for your furry buddies. Third-party liability coverage for pets will give you peace of mind as you will be covered for any accidental damage caused by your pets to third-party property or person.

Up to HK$15 million Third-party Liability Coverage

Enjoy up to HKD 15 million in third-party liability coverage, enabling you to enjoy greater protection with a limited premium

Full Home and Personal Property Coverage

OneDegree home insurance will have you covered for all sorts of property losses or damage including indoor property losses, broken windows due to weather or specific, accidental deaths and even unauthorized use of credit cards anywhere in the world.

RentSmart is not an authorized insurance agent of OneDegree and does not offer any insurance advice, selling, arrangement or services. Should you require any insurance advice or have any insurance related queries, please contact the insurance company or a licensed person directly and not solely rely on the information set out on this website.

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