Registration Enquiries
Application Requirements
● Residential Property
● Tenancy Agreement duly stamped
● Building is less than 40 years old or has regular maintenance

Required Documents
● Identification Document of landlord
● Residential Address Proof of landlord (most recent month)
● Tenancy Agreement (duly stamped)
● Demand for rates and Government rent (if any)
● Rental receipt (if any)

Application Method
Call RentSmart Hotline 2509 8991 and let our RentSmart Specialist guide you through.

Approval Time
Approval will be made within 3 working days after receiving all required documents and you will be contacted by our RentSmart Specialist.

Can I apply before I have a tenant?
You can register in advance. Then our service will commence on the first day of the lease. Feel free to call us and learn more.

Can I use RentSmart if I am not a Hong Kong resident?
Yes. As long as your property fulfills our application requirements, you are welcome to apply for RentSmart.

Do I need tenant’s agreement before applying for RentSmart Service?
You do not need your tenant’s agreement before applying. Your tenant will receive our notification and briefing before our service commence.
Service Details
RentSmart & RentSmart Advance Comparison
RentSmart Advance not only includes all the services in the basic RentSmart service plan, but also allows you to collect rent upfront so that you don’t need to worry about arrears of rent. If the tenant doesn’t pay, RentSmart would cover the loss from its Rental Protection. If there still happens to be net deficit, we will carry it forward to the new tenancy agreement after your repossession of the property. RentSmart Specialist will be handling and supervising the entire process.

When will I receive the rent?
If you are using our basis service plan, the rent will be transferred to you within 5 working days of our receipt from the tenant.

Rent Advance Period
The amount of the advanced rent is subject to the Tenancy Agreement. Usually the rental advance period would not be longer than the fixed term of the Tenancy Agreement.

Rental Management
All incidents are individually handled by a RentSmart Specialist and we will report to you and the tenant in real time. You can also check the process and status on our RentSmart App.

Maximum Rental Income Protection
The maximum rental income protection is 6 months’ rent/6 times of the monthly rent, which is normally sufficient to cover the loss due to arrears of rent.

What does Maintenance Support covers?
Maintenance Support is applicable to the property and any furniture, fixtures and fittings that you provide the tenant. It covers both malicious and accidental damage. Our RentSmart Specialists are available during office hours for all issues and we also offer a 24-Hours Emergency Maintenance Hotline for any urgent maintenance enquiry.
Service Guarantee
How does RentSmart handle rental arrears by tenant?
If the tenant fails to pay rent for two consecutive months, we will repossess the property for you as soon as possible and minimize loss. RentSmart will be responsible for the entire process including instructing lawyers, attending Court and all related fees. These charges are already covered in the Rental Protection, so there are no extra charges on you.

Any hidden and extra charge?
RentSmart and RentSmart Advance service charges are as listed, there is no hidden or extra charge required for the included services.

Who will be responsible for the Maintenance Fee?
If the case is covered by RentSmart Maintenance Support, other than certain excess applicable on the compensation, you will not be responsible for the maintenance fee.

Is RentSmart Advance equivalent to loan?
RentSmart Advance is an innovative form of receivable financing and not a loan.

What makes RentSmart the most comprehensive rental protection in the market?
RentSmart is fully insured with a leading insurer so that we can provide you and your property with the most reliable and safe protection.