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Pay rent anytime anywhere

Register an account and submit a tenancy agreement to start paying rent with RentSmart, there’s no need to bother your landlord.

Rental payment will be automatically deposited in full to the landlord’s account within 5 working days of payment.

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A fresh start with RentSmart
You pay rent every month. Are you still banking a cheque or making a transfer? Now you can charge it on your credit card.

Paying rent on RentSmart is just as easy as making an online purchase on your phone. From now on, you can pay your rent with Standard Chartered Visa / MasterCard, UnionPay credit card on our RentSmart APP. Not only is it easy, you can also earn rebates and air miles.

Experience it now.
Why use RentSmart
Pay Rent
Anytime Anywhere
Easy to use
Earn Points & Rebates
Clear Records
at a Glance
How to get started
Register with your phone number
Four Easy Steps
Download the APP
Verify identity and tenancy
In-APP payment
Earn points & rebate
Easy Breezy Payment
Start making your next rent payment with Standard Chartered Visa1 / MasterCard2 and UnionPay Credit Card3 on RentSmart.
1Visa card 2.8% Service fee
2MasterCard 2.1% Service fee
3HK$25 Service fee
Flexibility, your call
Pay up to a year’s rent in advance* with your Standard Chartered Credit Card through RentSmart to save and earn more
*7.2% service fee for 3, 6 and 12 months payment, 8.3% service fee for 18 and 24 months payment
Payment Notice
Our systems will notify you at least 10 working days before the expected landlord receipt date reminding you to pay rent. After receiving your payment instructions, the landlord will receive the rent within 5 working days and you will receive the receipt for your payment on the following working day.
What credit card does RentSmart support?
We support all Visa / MasterCard / UnionPay credit cards, but if you wish to pay lumpsum rent in advance (6 or 12 months), you must use a Standard Chartered Visa / MasterCard.
How long does it take for the rent to reach my landlord?
The time may vary depending on the bank of your landlord, generally, after payment has been completed on the APP, the rent will reach your landlord in less than 5 working days.
How long does the verification process take?
It takes 1-2 days to authenticate your identity, then it takes another 1-3 days to verify your tenancy.
How much rebate or air miles can I earn on my rent payment?
Payment through RentSmart is classified as an online transaction, for detailed rebate entitlement, please contact the issuing bank of your credit card.
What’s the benefit of paying rent on my credit card?
Not only could you earn the rebates and/or air miles from the spending, you also get to enjoy the extended credit term before your credit card bill becomes payable.
Do I have to tell my landlord that I am using RentSmart to pay rent?
There is no such requirement, but we recommend you do it as a matter of courtesy. In any event, we will notify the landlord once payment has been made.
Is there a rent payment limit?
The payment limit is subject to the credit limit of the credit card you select for payment.
Do I have to be the tenant, or can I pay on the tenant’s behalf?
You don’t have to personally be the tenant. If you are paying on someone else’s behalf, you just need to declare your relationship with the actual tenant.
Will I get a record of the payment?
Once payment has been made to the landlord, you will receive a payment receipt which you may show to the landlord as proof of payment.
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