Rewards for dining, rewards for shopping, rewards for getting a ride…

Why not REWARDS for paying rent?

Start to earn rewards now from your rent with RentSmart!

Not sure which card to use? RentSmart supports all Visa / MasterCard / UnionPay cards issued in Hong Kong.

4 simple steps to calculate

how much you save per month / year:

1. Select your rental category

(available for all private residential, public housing, commercial and car park rental in Hong Kong)

2. Input your monthly rent

3. Select credit cards

(a maximum of 6 cards can be used to split the rental bill)

4. Get your monthly / yearly cashback rewards

Cashback Calculator
RentSmart 信用卡回贈計算器

Any transactions made via RentSmart will count as online spending that is available for rewards for most of issuer.

Not sure which cards are entitled with the best reward schemes?

RentSmart got you covered!

Too many cards to choose from? Check out the summary table below for the best deals in town:
Cash rewards@:
Card Type Cash Rewards (%) Earn Extra Up To RentSmart Service Fee
AEON Card WAKUWAKU 6% HK$300 / billing cycle 1.5%
BEA i-Titanium Card# 4% * HK$300 i-dollar / month 1.5%
livi PayLater Mastercard 8% HK$100 / month 1.9%/2.6%
(Hang Seng Bank)
5% 800 +FUN Dollars / month 1.9%
PrimeCredit EarnMORE Union Pay Card Up to 2% Basic 1%: No Limit
Additional 1%: HK$1,500&
Commercial Rent: 0.5%
Others: HK$10 / transaction
ICBC Horoscope UnionPay Dual Currency Diamond Card 1.5% No limit Commercial Rent: 0.5%
Others: HK$25 / transaction
BEA UnionPay Dual Currency DIAMOND Credit Card 0.8%/1.2%^ No limit Commercial Rent: 0.5%
Others: HK$25 / transaction
Citi Rewards UnionPay Card 3.7%^ HK$260 / month Commercial Rent: 0.5%
Others: HK$25 / transaction

#In addition to the regular rebate programmes, the card issuing banks also offer additional spending rewards from time to time, please enquire your card issuing banks for details.
*3.6% i-dollar rewards and 0.4% cash rewards
& Throughout the promotion period
^Extra rebate for using Unionpay App

Holding any of the above credit cards?
Click here to calculate the rebates you can earn

Pay rent to earn rewards beyond cash:

get your travel miles now!

Mile rewards@:
Card Type Mile Rewards RentSmart Service Fee
HSBC EveryMile Credit Card HK$5 = 1 Mileage 1.5%
AEON Card JAL  HK$8 = 1 JAL Mileage 1.5%
DBS Black World Mastercard HK$6 = 1 Mileage 1.9%
Standard Chartered Cathay Mastercard HK$4 = 1 Mileage 1.9%

Paying rent to earn miles and travel abroad is never so easy!

Longing for a trip to Hokkaido?

How much rent do I have to pay to redeem a flight ticket? Check out the sample scenario below:

Miles needed for a
return economy flight:
20,000 Asia Miles
Your rent:HK$15,000
Credit card used:HSBC EveryMile Card
The answer:pay rent on RentSmart for 7 months, and
you redeem a return flight ticket to Sapporo!
@The above information is aggregated from market information by RentSmart and is for reference only. The listings are in no particular order and do not involve any partner promotion. Actual rebates are offered by the card issuing banks, offering details will be updated from time to time. Please check with your card issuing bank for details.

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